ABOUT Your Property Puzzle

A Name I Know I Can Trust

In recent years, people have found it increasing harder to sell their homes for other reasons than moving in to a bigger house or moving to be closer to their children’s school.  This has been seen by the rapid rise of ‘We Buy Any House’ or ‘We Buy Fast for Cash’ companies appearing on the market.  We believe there are alternative ways to help people sell their home other than offering substantially below market value and not truly understanding their circumstance.  This is the reason we created a bespoke home selling service, where we arrange a personal meeting with you (the seller) to understand the motivation behind the sale.  Whether it be divorce, financial difficulty, emigration, retirement, downsizing, inheritance or any other reason, we will tailor make a plan to suit your needs and timeframes to buy your home.


Your Property Puzzle has been helping landlords to sell their portfolio of properties.  Since the introduction of section 24 it has been progressively harder for landlords to create wealth and maintain a standard of living due to the new UK property tax laws.  One in Five landlords are now said to be selling up, or considering an early retirement.  There is also a double whammy, as selling multiple properties in one year could lead to substantial costs in the form of capital gains tax. To help, we arrange a personal meeting with landlords to discuss their position to form a positive plan of how we can work together to achieve their goals.  


Your property Puzzle was established in 2016 by Simon and Samantha Hutton, and recently appointed Fredrik Sandvall as director.  Please read below to find out more about the people behind the company and our family.

Simon Hutton BSc Hons
Director & Founder

Simon Hutton is Director and Founder of Your Property Puzzle Ltd.  Simon graduated from University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Economics with Banking.  He first started his career working for global powers within the finance sector developing data strategies to drive business forward in a highly competitive market. Simon has always had a love for property, purchasing is first investment 12 years ago, helping the vendor to sell her home which give him a much appreciated satisfaction.  Since then Simon has educated himself in Property attending seminars, training courses and building his network. Simon undertook a 12 month market leading Property Mastermind program teaching advanced investment strategies on how to invest ethically.  He recognised that people sell their homes for many different reasons and since, Simon has grown Your Property Puzzle tailoring the sale of peoples homes and property portfolios to suit their needs.   

Samantha Hutton BA Hons
Director & Co Founder

Samantha Hutton is Director and Co-founder of Your Property Puzzle Ltd. Samantha is a highly creative person always pushing herself to perfection. She graduated from the University of Creative Arts with a Bachelor of Arts degree in fashion promotion. Working in the fashion magazine industry where Samantha continued to use her design and creative skills, before moving on to develop her client relationship skills as a top performing sales executive. Outside her successful career, Samantha found a love for designing and refurbishing homes, which then lead to bigger more lucrative projects in property development. Her fine eye of detail combined with her outstanding client relationship skills, Samantha regularly excels and exceeds in her profession. She has help build Your Property Puzzle from the ground up expanding on and developing positive solutions for our clients.

Fredrik Sandvall

Fredrik Sandvall is a Director of Your Property Puzzle Ltd. He is a highly competitive former Special Forces Captain from Sweden. After an interesting career, he moved further into consulting and investments. He enjoys to be on stage and happily share a wealth of knowledge accumulated in more than 70 countries.

This global exposure and his curiosity has  allowed him to explore some of his main interests people and business. It is no wonder that a lot of his work is linked to leadership, communication, negotiation, and influencing.  

He is just about to publish his first official book Trust is the new currency in early 2018 on how to build trust, attract the right partners and create wealth through business and investments. That pretty much summarise what Fredrik is doing for a living having left his employment 2014 on his 40th birthday.